Будівля Центру соціально-психологічної реабілітації у м. Коростені

International Children's Day

    On June, 1 we celebrate International Children's Day. The main purpose of the holiday is to
protect children from violence, hunger, inability to get education and other troubles and
 In Ukraine, the holiday is celebrated for 22 years. It always looks special for children. Usually
parents spend the day with their children, try to please them with gifts or have fun in parks,
entertainment areas. But in the conditions of adaptive quarantine festive actions are limited.
Unfortunately, this year we also do not have the opportunity to hold mass events, as we did
every year, but the staff of the Center of Social and Psychological Rehabilitation of the
population congratulates all children of Korosten, Korosten district, all children of Ukraine with
this holiday and wishes a peaceful cloudless sky, the opportunity to attend kindergartens and
schools, get free education, be able to attend extracurricular activities, develop and enjoy life in
such a wonderful country which is called CHILDHOOD!




                                            January 2020


UNDP-United Nations Development Program
Children’s Fund of UNO –UNICEF
British Charity Organization "Chernobyl Children’s Lifeline".
CIWEM-Charted  Institution of Water and Environmental Management
Emergency Planning Society ,  Great Britain
International Education Center-IBB, Dortmund (Germany).
International Chernobyl Network.
NGO FOCCUS (Friends of Chernobyl Centers)
US Agency in International Development, USAID.
Environmental Experts  and Scientists from Japan.



Learning Experience of US NGOs in Social Work

US partners, NGO-FOCCUS .


International Education Center-ІВВ,

Dortmund, Germany.

At the International Conference

Experience Exchange and issues on partnership


Beginning of Partnership with  the British charity organization «Chernobyl Children’s Lifeline»



In the British Parliament

Participation in International Chernobyl Week Events-2013


European Chernobyl Week-2013 Bristol

Personal  Experience

Presentation to the community of Bristol


Participation in the International

Emergency Planning Society

Conference Great Britain Birmingham


International Conference in Kryzhova Poland

Presentation of the  Center’s experience


International Chernobyl Week-2016

Presenting Awards to our British partners of the charity organization «Chernobyl Children’s Lifeline»


Interview of the Liquidator of Chernobyl disaster at  ВВС Darby.

Great Britain

Personal Experience and  Centers activities


International Support Project of ATO participants and their family members


Scientists from the universities of  Hiroshima, Nagoya and Fukushima.

Learning Experience of SPR Center on the issues of social and psychological assistance



Representatives of the delegation from Southern America- TV journalists «Aquavisa», Equador

Learning the experience of the Center


Polish-Ukrainian Project to Help IDP!

       Since January 2017 the cooperation of the Social Psychological Rehabilitation Center of the population in the town of Korosten with partners of the project

      “Psychological Support Improvement for Internally Displaced People at the Social  Psychological Rehabilitation Centers of the Population" has begun: the Lev Society (Ukraine) and the Terra Humana Foundation (Poland) . The project is co-funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic Poland within the framework of the Polish Development Cooperation Program (@ PolishEmbassyKyiv).

      Earlier, the partners were provided with the information on the Center's activities for internally displaced people; directions, forms and types of work that contribute to providing socio-psychological assistance of the before mentioned target category, as well as possibility to improve  material and technical base of the Center, and possibility of repairs to improve the service provision quality.

     Between April and July, a series of meetings took place at the SPR Centers in the town of Korosten and setl. Borodyanka with representatives of the "Lev Society", where the issues on cooperation and project conditions were discussed in details.

      The essence of the project is to strengthen social integration of internally displaced people in the community, new methods’ introduction on psychological rehabilitation of IDP with the help of  Social and Psychological Rehabilitation Center of the population.

     At present, the infrastructure direction of ​​the project is realized, which consists in partial repairs of premises for improvement working conditions and bigger productivity of the Center’s specialists. The Center has already replaced 9 windows on metal-plastic, a contest for the procurement of services has been initiated, the data has been agreed upon with the partners and the most optimal option has been chosen.

     The second part of the project will be aimed at professional development of specialists, experience exchange with Ukrainian and foreign specialists (Poland, Georgia). In addition, information materials will be created for IDP. The Center's staff will hold seminars and roundtables to help teachers, doctors, media representatives directly working with internally displaced people.

      The Center's employees are interested in the project’s participating as it enables them to improve their working conditions, professional qualifications, extend the range of techniques and practices in their work, and gain the experience from foreign colleagues.

Vira Gys - coordinator of International programs and projects of SPR Center.


World Flash Mob-22 PUSH UP CHALLENGE.

World flashmob 22 PUSH UP CHALLENGEwas held on  February, 17  in the Social   Psychosocial Rehabilitation  Center in the town ofKorosten. The relay was handed by our partners: the Center for Social and Psychological Rehabilitation, the town of  Slavutych.

The Director of the Center SergiyVyhivskyy has addressed the audience with welcoming words  and stressed that flash mob has come to us from the United States and is  carried out in Ukraine in order to attract the attention of humanity to the psychological state of war veterans,and not to be indifferent and always support them. During their stay in the anti-terrorist operation, members of ATO face with significant risks, which later on can lead to disorders of mental activity, stress, and the so-called PTSD, post-traumatic stress disorder.

We invited war veterans, soldiers-internationalists who fought  in Afghanistan, liquidators of the Chernobyl disaster, ATO participants who defend the borders in the East. We also invited senior pupilsfrom  secondary schools as future defenders of our Motherland.

The representatives of local authorities, military institutions, social security services, volunteers, teachers of pre-conscription trainingwere invited to our establishment. Volunteers of the Centre expressed the   words of gratitude to war veterans, "Afghans", "Chernobyl" participants who take part  in anti-terrorist operation.

It was noted that many of the "Afghans" and "Chernobyl" members defend our land today, some of them are volunteers, others are involved in ATO in the east of Ukraine. Lessons learned then they canuse  to defend our country nowadays.

We remembered all people of different generations, those who gave their lives fulfilling their international and patriotic duty, defending the honor of our country and honored them with the minute of silence.

Director of the Centre  invited flash mob participants  to make 22 push-ups in support of ATO members. Pupils of secondary school №1 led by their pre-conscription training teacher, volunteers and ATO participants  successfully accepted the challenge, for which we are sincerely grateful.

We passed our relay to the Center in  the town of Ivankiv.

At the end of the meeting we thanked the  present ATO soldiers,and combatants for their contribution in defending the Motherland, for their courage, endurance and patriotism, for defending the borders of Ukraine, for defending our mutual  interests.

We, the specialists of the Center offered them our help in order to overcome challenges, and  adapt to civilian life easier. We are subordinate to the State Service of War Veterans  and members of ATO and provide informational, educational, training, sports and recreational, social, legal and psychological assistance,give the possibility   to participate in international programs and projects aimed at overcoming the problems of  ATO participants and combatants.

With the Song "We have something important to protect" performed by the student of school №1 ended our meeting.

In  conclusion , I’d like to say:

“ May God unite Ukraine! Let the angels protect everyone, and ATO participants  return home alive, and  with victory.

We believe - the war will come to an end soon in the East of Ukraine. Thanks to courage and endurance of our soldiers  the enemy will retreat. Peace and harmony will reignin our native land!

ViraGys-International Programs and Projects’ Coordinator,

SPR Center, Korosten

British Partners Visiting us!


       This wonderful  autumn time is the time for journeys and trips. This  an exceptionally beautiful, generous for autumn gifts’   time was chosen by  our friends and partners from the UK. It has become a tradition to receive  our guests on the eve of the International Pancake Festival: colorful festival is rich in open Ukrainian soul and unrivaled talents in  arts and cooking. The program of our British friends was  arranged so that our visitors could relax. We started their visit with the official reception at the   Korosten mayor’s office. There were as those who were for the first time in our  ancient city as well as our old friends, the representatives of the British charitable organization "Chernobyl Children Life Line", collaborating with Social Psychological Rehabilitation Center of the population and informing on the issues of overcoming consequences of the Chernobyl disaster in the town of Korosten. In fact, here in our establishment there was organized a warm welcome party for giving our children fantastic opportunity for   rehabilitation  in various cities in the UK. The director of SPR Center of the  population Sergiy Vyhivskyy on behalf of the Centre, all the families and children expressed special thanks to all those who their time, efforts and money give for  such a noble case: recuperative holidays for children living in contaminated areas, including ATO participants’ children.

        Two representatives of the organization were given awards for significant personal contribution in improving children's health, and  for  active part in the organization of All European activities: the International Chernobyl Week  honoring liquidators of the Chernobyl accident within the International Chernobyl Network.

        Then the   representatives  of the charity were given the floor to tell about their impressions of our children and about the arrangements before the reception of the group.

       Words of gratitude were heard from parents and children. They sang songs, demonstrated their talents, and our guests received nice greetings.

        There were visited poor families and ATO family members who receive financial  support from our partners.

        Environmental project, which completed Stage I, was  on the move too. It is  planned to continue working with Charted Institution of Water and Environmental Management(CIWEM) in the UK, told us Chris Broome, coordinator of the project at the reception with the mayor of the town.

      It's nice that our friendly and partnership relations continue, and we   hope that new programs and projects will develop for the benefit of our community.

      Sincere thanks to all our friends from the UK for that.

Vira Gys – coordinator of  International programs and projects, SPR Center